Chinese Coins #6

There was ONE thing I wanted to mark off my list today and that was this top. Before stopping to make dinner I had it together except for the top and bottom borders and I just now sewed those on and tossed it up on the design wall for a photo. My clock says it’s 12:15 but since I had to clean up dog vomit and retake the photos I know it was done before midnight!

The sashing looks black in this photo but it’s actually a deep purple. For those interested, you can find instructions for this Uneven Chinese Coins quilt at .


  1. O Mary, I have just been catching up on your posts! Love that photo of you with your handsome son. & yes, both your sons are handsome!How anyone could be nasty on a blog is beyond me. If they dont like it, just quietly go on their way, is the best way, I feel. I think sometimes we inadvertantly hurt feelings without knowing as someone who used to comment on my blog, regularly, no longer visits. I have no idea why. I felt an email might have been nice, but oh, well, life is short.I love reading your blog, & seeing all your wonderful quilts.I hope Chesty is OK? You mentioned cleaning up dog vomit?

  2. This is a great quilt — a good way to use up those shorter strips that keep piling up. The purple sashings give just a bit of color and look just a bit different than black – I like it.

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