Back at work!

I realized today why I should always work on these Chinese Coins quits here at home. I use a lot of pins when sewing these vertical rows together and it is SO much easier to stretch them along my longarm table than to crawl around on the floor like I was doing at Mom’s. This top is together except for the top and bottom border – yeah!

I took my new Janome Jem Platinum machine out of it’s box and decided to make sure it worked before packing it up for my HeartStrings sew-in on Saturday. One of the features I didn’t think I would use is the start/stop button you see in the photo below. This machine can be run without a foot pedal – believe or not it was pretty easy and I kind of like it!

I think I’m going to love this little machine!


  1. Like Judy’s, my Brother Innovis 450 can also be run with the stop/start button and no pedal. It is kinda weird when the machine goes zipping along without you but I guess I am an old pedal stomper from way back, LOL. Heck, I even try, occasionally, to use the knee lifter as the pedal—-and that harkens back to when I used to sew on my mom’s old Kenmore back in the 70’s (the machine I learned to sew on) Hurray for the new portable machine though as it certainly will come in handy for the sew-in’s you have planned.Congrats too on the finished Chinese Coins top–goal met.

  2. I have used mine without the foot pedal for years (Ihave a brother pc 85000 and love it. once you get used to using the button it’s actually easier…and no foot pedal to lug around.

  3. My little brother has one of those buttons too — I wasn’t sure about it at first as well, but for some projects — it’s just fantastic. In fact, for some small things I think I prefer it to the pedal! Enjoy!

  4. What a great use for your frame – pinning! For something really big I push 4-5 conference room tables together, but I like your method!I think you will like your little Janome – I have the Janome 9000 as my main machine (but it is broken, whaaa!) and a Janome 3050 as a back-up, which is what I am using now. I bought both machines because I liked the feet!Cheers!Evelyn

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