String Bins

Several people asked about the mesh bins I bought yesterday and am using for my strings. They’re by Design Ideas and mine were labeled *FileBox*. They didn’t have enough of the silver ones so two of mine are black.

I bought them from OfficeMax but I didn’t see them on their website. I can’t put my hand on the receipt right now but they were about $15 each. More expensive than the plastic bins with the larger holes but they’re more suited to my purpose and worth it to me.

The tree right outside my window has turned turned to a beautiful gold and I had to snap a photo this afternoon as I was putting one of my fall quilts on the chair. It’s a rainy day so I’m staying inside and working!


  1. Mary, I’m Becky from Lilburn, GA. I love reading your blog each day. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all! I particularly like that your dog is right in the middle of the picture of the quilt and tree. As I type this, my Dachshund Rusty is laying on my lap and arm. He loves computer time.

  2. Thanks for sharing that beautiful tree ~ here in the Midsouth, the trees just go dull and then lose their leaves. We don’t get the vivid, glorious colors I grew up with in Michigan. Always enjoy visiting your blog (even though some days I don’t leave comments)!!

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