At the risk of having Deb give me a hard time……

First, the HeartStrings stuff. I quilted, bound, and labeled this donated top yesterday. Since Mereth’s pantograph Feather Me was still on the table I used that one – it quilts up SO pretty.

Tomorrow I’ll be traveling south to attend the HeartStrings MN area sew-in. We’ll be working on our October Project Pink. If you’d like to join us in spirit and make some blocks to send in click here for the guidelines and mailing address.

I always label my quilting as scrappy and traditional versus *art* quilting like Deb’s so I know I’m leaving her an opening here ….

I admit it, the postcards are fun so the first thing I start doing when I become interested in a subject is to look for books to inspire and instruct me. I showed the first book I bought in a previous post but on Wednesday I found two books on art quilts that I hope will inspire future postcards. I haven’t completely read through both books but the parts I’ve read are wonderful and the quilts and photos very inspiring.

Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila & Elin Waterson
The Uncommon Quilter by Jeanne Williamson

I’m toying with the idea of doing a series of small quilts (postcards) similar to what Williamson describes in her book. She did one quilt a week for seven years….I’m not committing to any time frame but I like the idea.


  1. I have no idea what/how small a post card quilt is…but one a week…sounds like a lot to me. I think the bins for sorting was a fabulous idea…very fresh looking too. Colleen in South Africa

  2. I love the quilting and the quilt!! Have a great sew in!What type of quilting machine do you have??? I think I will have to invest in one.Traci

  3. I love the purple border on that quilt. I have The Uncommon Quilter too. I can’t believe she did a quilt a week for 7 years! It is a very good book. I usually don’t do postcards but I might now.

  4. OK, love the string looks great!BUT, you know I have to say somehting here….I LOVE IT!!!After all the discussion about utility versus “art” (though I would classify my quilts as contempory versions of traditional not “art quilts” per say) This truley warms my soul!!! See, it’s fun to try it!Both those books are excellent..not just for art quilters, but to everyone as they work with the priciples of good design that can be applied to any kind of quilting OR art.The next thing you need is a subscription to Quilting Arts magazine..for the same reasons. good for you…expanding your horizons yet again! I am thrilled!!!

  5. As always — a wonderful string quilt finish! I love those bins you found for your strings, what a great way to store them!

  6. more catching up- first, I really liked your birch postcard playing-it’s great to expand and try new things and have fun! of course I am in love with the purple you added as a border to this string quilt-it really makes it sing as does your quilting. very well done Mary!

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