Just a little whine

I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times before how much I struggle with custom type quilting. So here I am again today quilting another one of Mom’s (they’re always hers or my aunt’s tops!) and hoping this doesn’t come out too bad.

There are 4 borders, setting triangles, alternate blocks, 9 patch blocks and even a small center applique that all have to have some type of quilting element. I usually manage to be happy with some and unhappy with others so we’ll see how this goes.

Part of my inspiration for the quilting is a new book called Just Leaf It by Kim Stotsenberg. I find leaves much easier to quilt than some other motifs and she has some really nice ideas for filling borders and blocks with them.

Reading a post on Bonnie’s site tonight made me realize that I had never shared my good news from a month or so ago.

Many of you know we moved to Minneapolis from the Atlanta area last December as a result of Keith’s company moving their corporate offices. At the time we had to commit to staying at least one year. While I won’t go into all the details, my distress was due to it looking like we would be facing another move.

Luckily, things worked out very well and Keith was actually promoted to Vice President, Sales & Marketing. I’ve come to love living here in Minneapolis and while I know it won’t be our final move I was more distressed than I realized at the thought of moving again so soon.

I hope things work out as well for Bonnie as they have for me.


  1. mary, you stress too much. you’re too close to the quilt. after it is finished, and off the frame, you’ll look at it and love it. glad to hear you get to stay put, especially since you are enjoying minneapolis. congrats to dh keith.patti

  2. It is always nice to be able to live where you are happy, so that is good news that you are staying put for awhile! I know the quilt will be lovely once you finish it – my Nana used to say that we are our own worst critics, so don’t be too hard on yourself.Cheers!Evelyn

  3. Congratulations on the promotion!Are you going to be looking for a condo now for sure?Do what you are comfortable with on the quilting — maybe different types of leaves in each section. I like doing leaf meanders too — I’m more consistent in drawing leaves I think.

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