Quilting:A Love/Hate Relationship

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Am I the only one that has a love/hate relationship with my quilting? Usually at some point in a project I have some level of disappointment or dissatisfaction with the results I’m getting.

I was really worried about 1/2 way through piecing the Ice Cream quilt that my fabric placement wasn’t going to work….but that top turned out nice and is on the longarm ready for quilting.

I LOVED my Holiday House top…..but as I was quilting it I started to think I’d ruined it. Last night I began quilting snowflakes (after all what’s Christmas without snow?) and now I actually think it’s going to be cute. One of these days I’ll learn to *keep the faith* and believe that in the end the final quilt will be OK.

So am I all that unusual or do you all go through the same love it/hate it process when making a quilt?

16 thoughts on “Quilting:A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. I am going through the exact same thing with my winter wall hanging right now. I don’t like it at all and I can’t see how I will pull it all together. I may have to put it aside for a few days.


  2. The better question is “is there anyone that doesn’t go through a love/hate relationship with their quilting?” How can you be creative without the back and forth emotions about the project in process?


  3. We should never judge a work when it’s only half-done, because it’s usually going to be found wanting. A lot of time the first quilting distorts the nice flat surface and it looks pretty average for a while. Then the more you work on it, the better it looks. I think everyone has these moments, but we should learn to just work through them and trust our own abilities. I sound wise, but I do this every quilt, especially customer quilts- “Agh! I’ve ruined it!How am I going to explain This!!” Perhaps the answer is just to have more confidence in ourselves.


  4. I am hating my baby doll quilt project today. The border is too choppy for such a small quilt.I am going to rip off the border and redo it.I did a scrappy 9 patch once and I made and ripped out the blocks 3 times.Perfectionism is overrated!Karen


  5. Hi MaryI always experience the very same thing. I’ll be quilting on something and think the quilting looks terrible – I convince myself to keep going, and never fails – I’m more than happy when it’s finished.*hugs*Tazzie🙂


  6. I go through that with almost everything I make these days! they then become UFOs or WIPs as I prefer to think of them. I find with time, I can often find they are ok after all!. Especially if I take a photo of the particular quilt top. I am often surprised at how good it will look in the photo!


  7. I don’t have a problem hating the quilt itself, but I do get frustrated with my workmanship along the way. Then I ask myself who is ever going to notice and move forward. I am working on a quilt for my grand daughter and keep finding things that I wished I had done better. She will love it and use and abuse it, which is the whole idea anyway! As long as I LEARN something along the way, it works.I love the little house, the little boy in the window makes it special.


  8. Not usually – but I used to years ago. I think we are all just WAY too hard on ourselves. The Holiday House top is absolutely delightful, and I love the way you quilted fans around the edges!


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