Still in Virginia

We had a great time at the reunion on Saturday and Mom loved seeing everyone on her birthday. I enjoyed having Adam and Keith with me but it would have been great if Chris and Becky had also been able to make the trip. I’ve been busy sorting through hundreds of photos and creating a DVD for everyone. I’m using Windows DVD maker for the first time and I love it. I’m just adding photos, music, creating the title and choosing page transitions, a starting page and burning the DVD. (Deb, you’re going to LOVE it!)

Here’s a shot of Mom and the 6 of us.

Deb and I also met with Vicki on Sunday for lunch. We had such a great time and Vicki brought me a hand dyed backing for one of my donation quilts that’s absolutely beautiful (I won a drawing on her blog).
I missed my Stashbusting report on Sunday but I haven’t done much sewing this past week. I did finish the blocks for my framed squares which were from stash and I didn’t make any fabric purchases during the week either. I even passed up a visit to the local quilt store here in Newport News today.
I have another day here in Virginia to visit with Mom and then I head home early on Wednesday morning. Are you missing me?


  1. I am missing you too!I love those pictures. I’ll bet when you all were younger you couldn’t go through your hometown without someone who didn’t know you saying, “are you a McLaughlin?”

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am sure you are not missing the weather here. Here in Iowa, we are right smack in the middle of another ice storm. (I think it is calling for more snow up your way.) So, another day off here at home with the kiddos. Hopefully with power!Have a safe flight!

  3. Windows DVD maker? I want to know more. Just this week I was futzing with Nero Vision. Making the actual slide show part was fun and easy, but when it comes to saving it, burning it, etc.. it became very confusing very quickly and I freaked! I never heard of Windows DVD maker, but that’s not surprising. I’ll look into it, or will put my husband on the trail.

  4. Oh, how you’ll treasure that group photo in the years to come… when you get a chance, be sure to check the comments on my blog post today (there’s a message there for you). Safe travels as you head home!

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