Choosing thread and more dwirling

Sometimes when I want to do an overall design and I’m worried how my thread is going to look, I’ll set it on the top and unwind a bit and see if it’s too distracting. This wasn’t the first thread I tried but it turned out to be my best choice for dwirling on this HeartStrings top pieced by Deb in AZ. This is another quilt for our January *project* for HeartStrings.

I’m trying to space this further apart than my panel quilt to keep it cuddly but I think on the next one I can leave even more space – what do you think?

Thanks for all the comments and emails – I worked off my irritation last night by making some red blocks for my current quilt in progress.


  1. Mary,That is an AWESOME thread choice…I love to use colored thread on kids’ quilts! I think you could probably go wider too…it looks cute…LOVE LOVE LOVE the backing fabric!hugslaurie

  2. Good thread choice. I agree you could probably increase the spacing for kiddie quilt. It’s looking great. Glad you’re able to write off the ‘uninformed’ closed minded.

  3. I didn’t realize that Stashbuster had rules. Dumb me, I just thought that it meant anyone who was trying to use up old fabric!! I think the work you do is wonderful and your quilting is marvelous. All the suppliers of tops for you to work your magic are wonderful too.

  4. I recognized the dwirling on the last post before I read it! think I have been watching Dawn too much? Maybe I need to take a break and QUILT! HA!

  5. The thread and the dwirling look fantastic! I bought the Pajama Quilter DVD after seeing it on your blog – can’t wait to try some of the designs. BTW, I’m glad you are so productive! I get a lot of inspiration from your blog!-Caryn

  6. Being productive is a good thing – I’m sure other people are jealous.I think that you can certainly get away with quilting farther apart. It will make your quilt softer.

  7. You’re dwirling is lovely. I’m right along with the person who commented that you make me want to get a long arm! It looks like great fun and since you do get so much done I’m sure it was one of your better purchases in your lifetime!

  8. Thanks for the tip about laying the thread down on the quilt. I haven’t done a whole lot of machine quilting but when I have, I’ve only laid one strand on the quilt rather than how you do it. Your way gives a much better picture of how it’ll look. Now, why couldn’r I have thought of that?

  9. yep, it could be further apart-looks fabulous however- my dvd arrived..can you send me some extra hours to watch it?!!! ok…good to quilt those irritations away.

  10. The thread is sew pretty with the quilt along with the quilting. I love the fabrics too-goo job!Have fun in FL. DH, DS, DP (darling pooch) and I will be heading to Key West in the home on wheels this Sat. Woohoo, hello FL sunshine!K in MN

  11. Another impressive quilting job. I have watched the DVD twice now and am planning to practice after I finish step 7 of the mystery.I have awarded you the “You Make My Day Award! on my blog.

  12. Ahh, now I know what dwirling is…. I got my DVD yesterday… I’m almost ready to hit the machine for some practice.. I’m not sure where to start… I love your dwirling…

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