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Periodically I delete the majority of my bloglines links out of frustration. I love seeing what everyone is doing but find I spend more and more time on the computer and that of course is less time spent quilting. So last week I deleted most the entries and decided I’d visit blogs from comments left on my blog and go around the blog rings once or twice a month.

Last night as I went around the Stash Quilts blog ring I came across a post on Susan’s blog (Feb 16th post) that inspired me to pull a finished quilt to send to American Hero Quilts.

Somehow along the way, I must have clicked on a link for the Quilt Mavericks blog ring and I was on Darcie’s blog reading about crochet and decided to pull out my crochet hooks – when I went looking for yarn, I found this magazine and fleece that I’d intended to crochet an edging on – that should be a quick project.

As long as I was packing for shipping, I decided I’ll pull all my flannel leftover bits that I’d agreed to send Bob, a HeartStrings member to use on donation quilts. With an upcoming move it will be good to have this crate emptied.

My printer was dying so I bought a new one yesterday (Epson RX595) – not sure I’m crazy about it – it’s louder for one thing BUT I do love the scanning features on it. I can scan and save the document as a PDF file – which came in handy when I had to email a couple signed documents yesterday to the realtor. It’s also a photo printer – which my other one wasn’t. I missed being able to print one or two photos since my small photo printer died a year ago.

Finally, I scanned a image from the above magazine. They had a neat case for crochet hooks that is very much like the crayon rolls that I’ve seen on several blogs. Deb made a couple for her granddaughters and was going to make Adam one for his drawing pencils – I emailed her the photo hoping she’ll make me one too.

Keith left about 30 minutes ago so I’m going to load a quilt on the longarm and get to work.

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  1. I know what you mean about time taken reading blogs. But there are so many interesting ones to read! Sounds like your journey took some interesting twists & turns though!

  2. Sometimes I want to stop reading blogs just because I get over inspired and then I get frustrated with all the projects I can’t fit in but in the end – I can’t stay away.

  3. I totally understand how being online can consume far more time than we think…and then all of the sudden we don’t have time or energy for what we had intended to do all along. I’ve cut back my time online as well…both read blogs and surfing~it goes along with my LIM lifesytle. Less time on the computer is More to time do other things that really are a priority.Pam@

  4. I agree. I have 355 blogs in my Bloglines (mostly crafy/quilty, with a few food blogs and some blogs related to my courses, too) and it’s overwhelming. I try to organize a reasonable number into a favorites folder, but that grows, too. Blogging is definitely a blessing and a curse.

  5. I understand about the blogs, deleting most of mine is something I did recently, but the number has crept up again to around 150. I need to spend less time reading about crafting and more time actually doing it…

  6. I love reading your blog and have sent several friends here too. I just wanted to let you know that I made the “Heartstrings logo” quit with my church ladies and it came out very well. It went together quickly and they loved making it. I don’t have photos posted yet though. I have designed a string quilt to make a 4 leaf clover for a raffle for St. Patrick’s church. When we get it done I will let you know so you can pop over and see it.

  7. You are too right about the amount of time one can spend on the PC reading blogs. My DH thinks I’m far too addicted…and he might be right. So thanks for the inspiration to trim done the 400 blogs on my reader. I doubt I’ll half it, but rest assured I won’t delete you :o)

  8. I hear you about deleting all the blogs… I have a favorite folder that I need to go thru too! I think we all spend too much time on the computer and not enough time on the sewing machine… but for quilters like me with little ones, it is my only quilty time some days! 😉 Love from Texas!~bonnie

  9. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by my bloglines list at the moment too. Yesterday I couldn’t get bloglines to work. By the time I got it back today I had over 70 new posts. Yikes. I might have to delete a few. There are a handful of favorite blogs I will continue to follow including yours. :c)

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