A present for me!

Mom and I have been going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt show together since we started quilting. Sometimes Deb has come with us, sometimes my sister Ann. My aunt and cousin have also come along.

This year I missed the show but Mom told me she bought me a pattern to make a small quilt that holds a photograph thinking I could put a photo of Chesty in it. Tonight she sent me the photo of the quilt she made for me. Isn’t it cute? I can’t wait until she sends it to me.

By the way, although Mom made clothes for us while we were growing up and taught Deb how to sew, I wasn’t interested in sewing AT ALL! My love for photography got me into quilting after seeing a memory quilt made with photographs. I wasn’t able to convince Mom to make a quilt for me but somehow, I hadn’t even finished my first one and I was able to convince her to try it. That was 7 and 1/2 years ago and both of us have made many, many quilts since then.

Can you pick me out in this photo? How about Deb? I just realized that photo she put in the quilt includes all the same people as the one below (Mom, my two brothers, my three sisters, and me). Click the photo to enlarge it.

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  1. What a scream! I love the matching suits! My mother used to sew for her, my sister and I…all matching fabric although patterns might have been different…My sister hated it, I on the other hand love it!cute cute cute pic!!

  2. This made me giggle. The older photo is easy, -you are next to your mother, & Deb on the left?I can’t really pick you in the littlies, but are you the second one, next to your mother?

  3. What great matching suits! Don’t you know that your Mother was SICK of that fabric when they were all done. Your gift will look great in your new home!

  4. Oh Mary… that picture reminds me of when I was growing up! My mom made all of our clothes and she would make matching outfits for me and her! I also had no interest in sewing until 10 years ago. I would say you are the little one on the right of the picture? Maybe?

  5. What a scream! Looks like Easter…Love all the matching suits! Reminds me alot of my youth…Mom sewed clothes for us, 5 girls and 2 boys…but I don’t remember her ever making matching outfits for all of us. Guess I was deprived, LOL. I would guess you are the little girl on the outside and Deb is the slightly older one next to your Mom, ie., you are the 2 middle girls.I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and find we have lots of similarities…thanks for sharing.

  6. What a sweet little quilt your mother made! I think you should make one for the second photo, too…they’d make a great set.I think you are the second oldest, judging from the pics?Those matching outfits are a hoot! Did any of you object to wearing them?

  7. mary, great quilt your mother made for you. i had to hoot when i saw the picture (maybe easter?). i hated it when my mother did that, which she did the entire time i was growing up, til i learned to sew and she wanted me to make them. same fabric, same pattern, same hats. i see you were subjected also. i was glad i was the oldest. patti pleal@cfl.rr.com

  8. Cute quilt. Dianne is right, you need to make one for the other picture…unless you can con Mother into doing it for you!

  9. Love the picture. I’d say you’re the one next to your mom. I use to make matching outfits for my 2 DD’s and me … what a scream it is to look at the photos now.All of you are too darling.

  10. I think you are the second smallest one and Deb is the oldest girl. 🙂 I think I remember her saying she was the eldest.

  11. Your Mom is so thoughtful. It will be nice for you to have a little momento of her thoughtfulness of missing you on the trip.What a darling picture of *those* youngsters! Priceless!!!

  12. Yes! My mother used to sew for us like this!! We had only 3 girls and one boy. She was so sick of the fabric and pattern after making 4 of the same… at that point your mom had one to go! You are the cutie holding onto your flower, right? (and look at those feet) It’s easy in the modern shot. You are next to your mom, on her left, our right.

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