I must be crazy!

We went over our schedules this afternoon to decide when we’d actually move. Closing is March 25th but we have to give 2 months notice here at the apartment so we have until April 30th to move. At this point my schedule is looking like this:

March 12-16 ~ Visit Mom (I bought this ticket last night)
March 25th ~ closing on the townhouse
The week of April 6th ~ visit Denmark with Keith
The week of April 13th ~ move

This week I’ll focus on arranging for estimates for moving, picking paint and arranging for painters, setting up an appt. for carpet cleaning, writing change of address notices, sorting and cleaning here in the apartment, and I’ll do some quilting too. I loaded a HeartStrings top tonight on the longarm.

I did measure the kitchen when I went over for the inspection on Thursday and got an estimate on Saturday for replacing the countertops. I’m rather boring but we redid the kitchen in the Marietta house and I loved the countertops I picked so we’re going to put the same ones in the townhouse. (Silestone – Rainforest) We’ll be painting in here too.


  1. Your schedule is crazy, but you’ll get it all done somehow. I love your new kitchen! It’s so bright and appears to have plenty of room to move around.

  2. Love the sunshine in your new kitchen! I’ve done that before in a house. I had border in a kitchen in a house we were in for only one year. I put the same border in our next kitchen. Time will fly with so much to do! Enjoy!

  3. Mary,Good Luck in getting it all done. You’ll be so happy when it is. Going to Denmark w/the DH. What fun!! I can’t wait to see your pictures from the trip. I really want to put a signature on my blog, but can’t find how to. Any help would be great! Thanks for all your inspiring quilts!

  4. Beautiful kitchen and the light is fantastic…but what’s up with the triangles? Nope, they would have to go. The counter tops will be fabulous!

  5. Mary, I redid the kitchen in my old house, and use silestone also. It makes a wonderful counter. My new house has a granite counter, and I’d much prefer silestone. go figure! Can’t wait to see your new kitchen finished!

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