Sunday stashbusting and progress report

I didn’t get all the way through my list this week but other than getting a top quilted I did pretty well. I haven’t quilt finished the binding that was on the list either but it’s in the process of being stitched down.

Plus I bought a new vacuum – that task wasn’t officially on the list but I’d decided I’d buy a new one in time for the move. Our vacuum is terrible, old and not the best for trying to vacuum under furniture or stairs. The new townhouse has lots of stairs!


  • The log cabin blocks are completely from my scrap bins and I’m about 2/3 of the way through assembling the top.
  • The binding on the donated top from Sandra/Stashbusters is from my leftover binding bin.


  • No fabric purchases this week but I did buy some cotton yarn for more dishcloths. Joann’s had a sale and I got the 6 skeins for under $20.

Are you impressed with the diamond pattern I’m knitting? You knitters out there are probably laughing at me but remember – I only have very, VERY basic knitting skills but I’m having the fun with these dishcloths. The projects are so small I’m not afraid to try some new patterns that normally I wouldn’t attempt. This is one that Mom picked out for me to make her when I was at her house last weekend.


  1. I really like your diamond pattern washcloth! The yarns look lovely & it makes me yearn for the cold nights, when I can knit at last!Good for you, getting a new vacuum cleaner. I hate ours it is like some stinky old Toad & we cant find bags to fit anymore. We need a bagless!!

  2. i’m amazed at how close you came to finishing everything on your to do list what with a move coming up and all. congratulations to you!also, you claim not to have much knitting skill, but i have observed that your stitches are all very uniformly sized and your patterns are carefully worked. i don’t know what metric you use to just skill, but to me that means you’re good at it!

  3. Your knitting looks lovely. I think you’ve graduated from being a novice though!!! Those cottons look nearly edible. 😉

  4. Your dishcloth is beautiful…I don’t consider you a novice anymore! Now me, I’m a novice. I love the diamonds, is this an internet pattern or from a book? I’d like to make a few as Christmas gifts this year.

  5. Oh, that pattern is pretty. What vacuum did you get? Mine has always been USELESS but I get deeply depressed whenever I look at new ones.

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