1. Love the view and the snow!I answered your poll and said I always commented. I usually read your blog regularly, and I get to it from my blog. I know how much I like comments on my blog so I am trying to be better about commenting on the blogs I read regularly.

  2. Chesty ~ it’s going to be all right… just give it a few more days!Mary ~ enjoy this journey (and that wonderful night time view). You’re way braver than I am re the bike…

  3. Poor Chesty! He’ll be fine once you’re there permanently and he finds his “spot.”Mary, you provide much of my quilt inspiration. Some day my little girl will grow up (not too soon, hopefully!) and I’ll have the time to quilt again!!

  4. Lovely night view. Those of us living in the country sometimes forget that city views can be beautiful too.If I didn’t know better I’d have thought the first picture, with Chesty sitting at the top of the stairs, was picture of the house my daughter used to live in 🙂 Deja vu I guess.Linda

  5. Will Chesty have a spot where he can watch the world go by? He’ll miss that view from the window of his ‘old’ home.I’ve just recently started using bloglines, and it’s not as easy to comment so I’ve been bad about making the effort. I must try to change that.

  6. The view is beautiful. Chesty will accomodate to the new home in time, probably easier than he has to the cold.

  7. Chesty is so cute! They’re so much like children, aren’t they? He’ll be fine once all the normal “stuff” is in there with him.

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