Since we can’t unpack the kitchen or living room yet, I’ve been able to work on my sewing room. Both shelving units are up and I’m unpacking and folding fabric. The shelves survived reassembly better than I expected with just one shelf getting banged up.

Tempers are high and we’ve been fussing at each other on and off all day – I keep having to remind him to keep his voice down – we don’t want the new neighbors to hear us yelling at each other.

Right after I got mad about him about opening my sewing room boxes (I want to organize as I go) he came across my bobbin winder for the longarm – since I need that to start quilting and wouldn’t have come across it for several days – I’m kind of glad he wasn’t listening to me!

We tossed a weeks worth of dirty laundry into a box on Wednesday morning and have been searching for that box for a couple days so we can get laundry done before our trip to San Diego – just when we were worried that it didn’t get dropped off, I found it! Normally at this point I’d leave the laundry for Keith but I’m still having fun with my new machines!

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