Chesty’s much, much better!

Thank you all for your emails – Chesty is eating (I don’t know how I’m ever going to get him to go back to dry food after feeding him chicken and rice!) and is feeling much better. He even chased his favorite toy around this evening.

I’m on track to accomplish my goals of quilting 3 HeartStrings tops and finishing the binding on a 4th quilt in honor of National Volunteer’s Week. I loaded this top tonight and will quilt it tomorrow. It’s another one from Nancy and her group – so nice that I’ll be able to send this batch back to them for binding!

14 thoughts on “Chesty’s much, much better!

  1. Oh Tippy jumped for joy that Chesty is feeling better. AND she’s very jealous that he’s having chicken/rice. LOLI love the strong pink forming a heart … such a pretty quilt.


  2. I love this! Your colors are much prettier than my scraps. I may have to get into my stash. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments. Do save your scraps and we can trade ATCs sometime. Marva


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