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I showed one of the reusable Target bags on the blog last week and commented how much I liked using resusable bags. Sue wrote and offered to send me one that she made and it arrived today. The bag folds up into the front pocket and it’s PRETTY too!

I got a birthday postcard from Mom and a birthday card from Deb….

and a birthday package from Mom. I’m going to wait until Monday to open it – I’m kind of depressed because Keith will be gone on my birthday and I’ll be all alone.

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  1. My birthday is Tuesday and I will be 54! I used to think that was OLD! lol!!!Heaven help me, I don’t feel old and hope I don’t look it. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and even though your honey will be out of town, just know there will LOTS of your blog readers thinking of you and sending happy birthday wishes!Happy Birthday!Linda Kay

  2. Mother’s card is really cute! Boy she is really into these postcards, that’s great!Sorry Keith will be gone on your birthday, but Chesty will try to keep you company…and I’ll call you!

  3. I think Monday is the perfect day to visit Four Seasons Quilt Shop in Plymouth! There might even be a birthday discount. It’s a party there every day!

  4. Mary, I thought you would be in Toronto for your birthday. Hope you have a good day. I like the idea of going fabric shopping on your birthday. Diane in Alaskla

  5. Not sure which day is your birthday, and I know it’s no fun to be alone, but still…I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday! I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet you in blogland. I always look forward to your posts.

  6. Happy Birthday, Mary. Sorry you have to spend it by yourself, but the going to the quilt shop idea is a good one. My birthday was last Sat. & I had to WORK. Ugh. Somebody else said she was 54, well I was 56 on mine and don’t feel that old either, except for the aches and pains and stiffness I didn’t have at 30 🙂Linda

  7. As Meggie says, you’ll have Chesty and you’ll hear from your family; GypsyQuilter’s idea of celebrating on Sunday/recalling it on Monday (while you go fabric shopping!) is a good idea.

  8. What a pretty bag!! Sorry to hear Keith won’t be there for your birthday – bummer 🙁 But at least you’ll have Chesty, your online friends and a pressie from your mum. Do something special 🙂

  9. Happy birthday! And – looks like you got a BIG present too! I wonder if you can slip that lovely postcard into one of those photo magnets for your fridge? Do you have a place to display them all? And, Sue did make you a lovely bag! Cheers!Evelyn

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