Sunday Progress report

Although I’ve quilted 3 of the 10 tops that I’m planning to quilt by August 31, I didn’t use any of my stash this week. Two were donation tops with the backing provided and the third was one of my Aunt’s and she also sent the backing.

The good news is that I skipped the visit to the quilt shop yesterday and came home early from the HeartStrings Sew-in to pick Chesty up from the hospital so I didn’t add any fabric either.

To make life easier over the next 8-10 weeks we purchased another crate for our main living level. This will save me some steps especially when I’m downstairs quilting – I’ll only have to go up half the number of stairs.

I appreciate all the comments and emails with concern for Chesty. He’s sore but the pain meds seem to be helping and he doesn’t seem to mind the crate when he’s mellowed out from them.

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  1. Chesty looks pretty good given part of his “scenery” is that beautiful quilt cabinet or picture he has to look out at! Hope he’s feeling “fit as a fiddle” soon!

  2. Oh I just want to hug him! He looks like he’s rather content though. I suspect he will be back to normal in no time! D~~~~

  3. Choco has a crate like yours too (where she sleeps at night) and I’m not sure if she finds it confining or comforting. Happy that Chesty is relaxing and feeling better.

  4. OH, I do hope that he starts feeling better! My little Max has been having some back problems and it just breaks my heart when he is in pain. I am sure that you feel the same way with Chesty in pain! {{HUGS}} to you both!

  5. Speck always wants to be in his crate when he feels bad or when he’s in trouble. He feels very safe and secure in there. I wish Chesty could now how many of us are thinking about him and wishing him the best.

  6. Dogs always seems to like being in their crate (if they have one) when they’re a bit down or poorly – I guess it’s a feeling of security and comfort – they can see out and know that you’re about, but don’t need to interact or have demands made of them.And well done (??!!) on skipping the visit to the quilt shop – I succumbed yesterday and have absolutely nowhere to squish it in to my sewing room….I have two labradoodles coming to stay tomorrow (oh, and my mum as well…) so have got to squeeze it in the door and into a cupboard somehow.

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