Lots of progress since yesterday afternoon. Top #8 is quilted – this HeartStrings quilt will go back to Deb in AZ who pieced it.

I also started assembling the blocks from the Quilting Queens guild. I spoke to them about HeartStrings in August and they surprised me with these blocks. Some I cut some in half for the border and this is all ready for me to add a red border and then the string border.

And finally, I ran Chesty in for grooming – he’s still not allowed to be bathed but he was so hot and way overdue for a haircut that I had them shave him.

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  1. I had to view the quilter larger to see it– but this is the one you did with line dancing– and wow! Looks great! And a fantastic job– as usual.

  2. love what you’ve done with the blocks you were given – what a great idea to use blocks for the border .. clever!!is chesty moving around any better??grace

  3. When you mentioned the donated blocks on HeartString group I was intrigued had to pop over to your blog and see if there was a progress picture!! The half blocks make a really great border don’t they!Chesty looks so little in the picture with all his fluff gone!! Hope he is feeling better now 🙂

  4. I’m back after basically being off the computer nearly a week. Just catching up on all your doings. Love that quilt of your aunt’s and the quilting is perfect for it! Chesty’s looking cool! Looks like a different dog with all the fur shorn!

  5. Chesty looking pretty good and happy to see a new picture of the little guy. What a face 😉Quilts look great (as always). Love the border on the Quilting Queens one. The line dancing pattern on the quilt top looks great; enlarged so I could see it. Thanks for sharing!Linda

  6. Of course, all I could focus on was Chesty! Dear little boy. Hugs.Leo will be going off to a groomer for a full clip, shortly. We will just wait for the fickly cold of Spring to pass. He has lain in exhausted heat on the tiles in the bathroom over the past few days. Today was cold, so he cuddled & huddled! Glad of his coat of natural curls, for a few more days.

  7. I really love the quilting that you did on this quilt! Great job!!What a clever idea for the border on a string quilt. Simple, yet, really adds some punch. I will have to try that on my next one.Chesty is so cute. He looks so little now!

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