11 thoughts on “and now the front

  1. oooough…. I love it! Blue & Yellow togetehr will forever remind me of our honeymood B&B suite. 🙂 and one of these day/year's I'm gonna make a B&Y quilt…. I've already began buying fabrics for it. 😉 Love from Texas! ~bonnie


  2. Oh so nice. I love how you have the perfect sunny deck with a nice chair and flower to stage the photographs of your quilts. It’s so nice. I think I’m going to set up a little vignette on my deck like that too.


  3. This one is so beautiful. I also have been buying blue and yellow fat quarters to make a B&Y quilt! I would love some tips on photographing quilts. You do such a great job!


  4. Now that my group has done so many heartstring quilts, I’ve been planning out more color-coordinated ones, like Deborah’s blue and yellow (which is just gorgeous). Right now we’re doing blue and orange for Illini colors, as lots of the kids are big supporters. We have some UIllinois fabric to work into it, too.


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