Bach, Beethoven and Brahms

Keith’s taking me on a date tonight to dinner and the Orchestra Hall. We’ve been meaning to go again since last year when we saw the Chieftains but somehow it never happened and then out of the blue, he bought tickets for tonight. Fun!

Chesty update:

Still on full restrictions and he alternates between depressed (below) and demanding. He’ll get another x-ray the week after we get back from Copenhagen.

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  1. Oh, poor doggie. He must be feelin’ blue with his head all hung down like that. Does he like music? Some little pets seem happier when pleasant music is playing. HOpe he feels better soon.

  2. How romantic and fun! Have a great time on your date!Poor Chesty! I feel like that sometimes too! I hope that all goes well with the next check-up.

  3. Poor Chesty! Your picture perfectly captured his total depression over the status quo. Enjoy your concert and kiss the poor pup for me!xoxo

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