Tying up loose ends

We head to Copenhagen tomorrow so we spent today doing laundry, running errands, and dropping Chesty off at the kennel. I’m heading upstairs now to pack.

Chesty won’t be able to play with the other dogs this visit but they take good care of him. If you’re curious – you can see a photo of him from his first visit in January 2007 – one thing I like about this place is they have cameras in place and normally we can check in on him via video when we’re gone. We’ll call to check on him and they have Keith’s cell number in case they need to reach us.

I bought a couple new bags – a small wallet type purse that I can carry when sight seeing and a larger carry-on tote. I’ve got the Kindle loaded up with books, the iPod charged, and I’m debating which knitting project to take with me. I’m leaning toward the shawl pattern I showed a few weeks ago and I’m going to try to knit a few rows tonight – if that doesn’t work out for me with the yarn I have on hand – I’ll take some Homespun yarn with me and knit a prayer shawl. I’ve knit and donated a couple of those in the past.

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  1. enjoy you trip!!good that you can check on chesty – what a cool idea!!btw .. the link for the photo doesn’t work .. gives me an internal gmail server error .. :\

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