A virtual quilt show – Quilt 1

Since I’m traveling this week and will have limited internet access (or maybe none) I decided I’d schedule a quilt show and show photos of some of my quilts while I’m gone.

First up is this Ocean Waves quilt
Designed in EQ, I pieced all the blocks and Mom helped me out by assembling the top and then I quilted it. Normally I prefer a more scrappy quilt but this was for Deb and she wanted two fabrics. It’s quilted with Jodi Beamish’s Waterworld Pantograph.

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13 thoughts on “A virtual quilt show – Quilt 1

  1. Love it! The quilt seems to pulsate! And, of coure, Blue and White is always lovely. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. A virtual quilt show! How fun is that. I love this one. I absolutely adore 2 color quilts. I think using only the 2 fabrics is quilt stunning and frankly probably easier to pick fabric for! LOL. I love blue also. Beautiful.

  3. Ocean Waves is one of my favorite blocks … I like the “motion” of it. Beautiful colors … even though I’m like you and prefer scrappy quilts … sometimes a two color quilt can be exceptionally striking. This is proof of that! Just lovely … Enjoy your travel and will check website to see if you can post while you’re gone … I enjoy your blog very much.Flatlander (Linda)

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