November’s postcard and some knitting

I was in the mood to work on something small tonight when I couldn’t sleep so I pulled out my4000 Flower & Plant Motifs book to look for a tree. I didn’t trace the tree from the book but used the idea of it to draw a tree that I could attach my leaf beads to. By the way, I bought this book after reading about it on VickiW‘s blog and I love it. Lots and lots of designs to use for embroidery, applique or even quilting.

This background fabric is not as pinky as it looks in this photo – it’s more like a medium/light burgundy which is suitable for a fall theme postcard. I still have to finish the edges but I’ve got plenty of time before the November 25th due date.

I mentioned that I was going to do some knitting on my trip. The night before we left, I knit a few lines of the shawl pattern I wrote about a few weeks ago and just like the review – I found it very easy to knit but didn’t have enough yarn here so I started a prayer shawl. I can’t wait to find/order some yarn for the other shawl but I’m going to wait a while so I won’t be tempted to put this one aside to work on the other one.

Chesty has an appointment today for an x-ray and then will see the surgeon. Cross your fingers that his knee has healed and they lift his restrictions.

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  1. Nice postcard. That book looks like a great resource. I might put that on my shelf too. To help break my eating at night habit, I’m knitting too. Right now, it happens to be the hardest childs hat ever. Whew, as of today, I only have 15 rows to go. I should be finished tonite.

  2. Great postcard and I love the beading. Your shawl looks good too. I really hope Chesty gets a good report – the little guy has been down long enough!

  3. Love your postcard, Mary! I recently received a card that used this technique. Oh-so pretty!That yarn color is fabulous! Very rich.Our fingers and furry paws are crossed for little Chesty. 😉

  4. I love this postcard! I have all of my fingers crossed for Chesty, maybe I’ll cross my toes too. lol The poor little guy has been laid up for so long. Time for a happy picture instead of that last sad one.

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