Weight-loss Wednesday

I’m a little confused about how much up or down I am for the week but my total weight loss is 9.6 lbs and I’m heading in the right direction although slowly, very slowly….

I did OK with exercise this week although I’ve been pretty homebound since we got back from Denmark. Need to drink more water too – with all the trips I seem to almost get back to the point I’m drinking enough, and then I leave home again.

At this point, I consider my goal reached – which was to have my pants fit better so I didn’t have to go out and buy new ones. I wouldn’t mind losing another 5 lbs so I’ll continue on for now – I could stand to lose 25 but I’m just not that dedicated to it right now.

How did you do?

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  1. congrats for sticking with it! Even with all the traveling that is awesome!I’ve been up and down, my sweet tooth kicked in (I was tired of my snacks) and of course there was our Cdn Thanksgiving – so I’ll just have to be good from here on .. I did gain I think 2 – 3 lbs back, but weight loss tends to do that .. but all in all, i’m okay with it 🙂oh congrats on chesty’s restrictions being lifted!!! WOOO HOOOOOhugsgrace

  2. weight loss? up one month, down the next..just being a yo-yo the last several months..I know what I need to do..doing it is not so easy!

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