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There’s not been a lot of progress on my October to do list since I’ve been home – a little binding, a little knitting but no real quilting or piecing so today I pulled out the blocks for my HeartStrings Anniversary quilt. This one is just for me and will be made from blocks sent to me from other HeartStrings members…I had intended to work on piecing this in February but with moving and traveling, my projects kept getting pushed down the list.

The original plan for this quilt included free form pieced letters (like Tonya‘s) but I was debating whether or not I wanted to take time to do them (and whether I was capable of making them look decent). They’re a little *rigid* looking but I think they may just work – I’ll continue on with them as I start assembling the blocks.

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  1. I also like the letters ~ do not think they’re too rigid. LOVE the pictures … being from the Midwest (originally) I can relate to the beauty of the area. The ONLY thing that would have made the picture in your “masthead” absolutely perfect would have been Chesty sitting on one of the benches! LOL Love your blog ~ read it everyday!! Flatlander (Linda)

  2. Hey, the little gecko and hearts are familiar in that one block. 🙂 Your letters are good cuz I can read the word. What are you going to spell out (besides Heart Strings)? ‘Bout time you quilted something for you!

  3. Mary, love your blog. Your heartstrings are adorable, look like a lot of fun. And being your neighbor in Savage, MN, I think your Mpls pics are awesome! I’m going to have to check out Picasa. What a cool effect.

  4. Mary,I like your lettering but if you want to “loosen” them up a bit you could sew some extra fabric on the 4 side and trim the blocks “wonky”.And because my mind is leaping ahead you could do some phonetics…and use a strip pieced heart with a hyphen then strings….Or you could do exactly what you have and it will be perfect. Tha’s what I like about quilting I can choose to do what I want with a pattern and ask friends for thoughts…HooHoo as good as a glass of Merlot with a chocolate chaser!Jane

  5. up all night again/?? I can’t talk – I’d do it too but then I be killin myself the next day with trying ot keep up with the kids. I have always loved staying up late though 😛Yeah!!! It’s about time you pull out all your stings made esp for you – you’ve had them a whlie now… I think the words around the boarder will be perfect. Can wait to watch it come to life 🙂Happy Weekend! ~bonnie

  6. Hooray – you are working on your very own HeartString quilt!! The letters look great. Can’t wait to see the quilt evolve.The new blog banner is lovely …. but I miss seeing Chesty 🙂

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