I never did get back to sewing last night and after being up all night again – spent most of the day just puttering around and napping.

I saw the cutest background on Julia‘s site and clicked the link to look for one for my blog that would go with my new Autumn header photo. Then I decided to update the two family blogs I do also….so more time spent looking through all the different backgrounds.

And then, I saw the link with the tutorial on making your own background and I was off looking for for free papers to use. Of course I made about 10 versions before finally coming up with the two below which I used on my family blogs. I won’t consider it time wasted since I learned some new things.

Now, I’m going to head upstairs and make more letters.

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4 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. i like your backgrounds .. great job!! the first one speaks to me 🙂that’s the one thing that i miss about being at blogger .. is doing my own layouts .. ah well .. i like wordpress much better in all other respects 🙂 (oh and my blog is still locked LOLOLOL)hugsgrace


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