Messy work

I’d pulled out a ton of strings when I was participating in the HeartStrings Block Party a couple weeks ago and never put them back – I’m pulling out even more for my letters so I guess this room is going to look messy for a while.

I debated redoing Heart after finishing Strings but am just going to go with it. I’m becoming a little less rigid and my spacing is a little tighter too – not all letters have a spacer and the ones that do have a narrow 1/4 inch strip. I sewed some thicker seams on Heart to decrease some of the space there but I’m not going to redo it.

The letters go pretty quickly once you get started – I keep a drawing pad and sketch each letter out so I can see what order I need to piece the segments.

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7 thoughts on “Messy work

  1. You’re doing great with the letters. I’ve found if the letters are different colours I don’t put a space between them, but just butt them up against each other unless they were two lowercase Ls. if the letters are the same colour, then I put a three-quarter inch strip between them, so there’s a quarter inch space. makes for lots of seam allowances though. good luck.


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