Messy work

I’d pulled out a ton of strings when I was participating in the HeartStrings Block Party a couple weeks ago and never put them back – I’m pulling out even more for my letters so I guess this room is going to look messy for a while.

I debated redoing Heart after finishing Strings but am just going to go with it. I’m becoming a little less rigid and my spacing is a little tighter too – not all letters have a spacer and the ones that do have a narrow 1/4 inch strip. I sewed some thicker seams on Heart to decrease some of the space there but I’m not going to redo it.

The letters go pretty quickly once you get started – I keep a drawing pad and sketch each letter out so I can see what order I need to piece the segments.

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  1. You’re doing great with the letters. I’ve found if the letters are different colours I don’t put a space between them, but just butt them up against each other unless they were two lowercase Ls. if the letters are the same colour, then I put a three-quarter inch strip between them, so there’s a quarter inch space. makes for lots of seam allowances though. good luck.

  2. We don’t get colours like that in Souther california either!! the letters look great Can’t waith to see the final seting. Carmen

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