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#2 of 10 is done, loaded and quilted today – this String X top was pieced by Barbara in FL from a pattern at Bonnie’s Quiltville site. The colors aren’t quite true in this photo due to the late afternoon light in my studio but the backing peeking out in the top (L) corner of the photo was pieced by Sheree and was just perfect for this top.

Speaking of lighting in my longarm room – I’ve decided to put in some track lighting to brighten up that room. Luckily, Keith is agreeable and I’ve picked out the lighting and just have to line up the electrician.

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  1. Very cute quilting on that one! I’m doing some quilting tonight too. We aren’t turning the TV on. We will wait until tomorrow for the results. So I’m listening to a book and quilting….much better use of my time.

  2. Once again, this is beautiful quilting on this. Perfect for this quilt. Cute pattern too, I will have to check that one out. So many fun things that you can do with scrappy strings! I think that I am going to go for some full spectrum lighting in my quilting room. I have some track lights in my sewing room and they put off quite a bit of heat and cast lots of shadows too. I don’t turn them on very often, use my full spectrum lights instead.

  3. Lovely quilting, Mary! (and piecing, Barbara) And I just love looking at pictures of other people’s quilts when I recognise some of the fabrics as things I have in my stash, too. Don’t we all have good taste? (heehee) Thanks for the daily ray of sunshine your blog brings to my computer! Take care, Dianne B. in England

  4. What a happy quilt. I’m liking bright colore more all the time. I never thought I would.Do you longarm for the public? How much do you charge?Blessings and regards. Stay warm.

  5. Love your quilting! Are you feeling comfortable doing the freehand things you’ve been doing. I think you’re doing great. I need to add some lighting in this room if I’m not going to move the longarm but we just keep debating about finishing the downstairs garage. I need to push for a decision soon.

  6. This is one pattern I jsut don’t understand… why go to the trouble with trangles?? Why not, instead use a solid square and then string sashings (similar to coins) and at the intersections use a Quarter square triangle???but your quilting certainly helps to hide those seams in the grey squares… great design 🙂 I love the swils you have created. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. Hee, hee, hee! Yep, I recognize that backing fabric! Speaking of which, I need to get back to cranking out some more. The more you finish, the more you’ll need! TTYS,Sheree

  8. love your quilting on this one! Great job in kicking out those quilts! Can you get the full spectrum bulbs for your track lighting? They have made a huge difference in my work space.

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