#3 loaded but not much progress today

After running around to pack and ship a couple HeartStrings quilts, I went to the lighting store to order the track lights for my longarm room.

A stop at the coffee shop, a walk home, reading…I was having a leisurely day until I decided it was time to get off my butt and loaded a top on the longarm…positioned and anchored my Swirls template….I even started quilting but a tension snafu lead to an hour of frogging. It’s all set now to resume quilting but I decided to walk Chesty and read some more – I’ll go back to quilting later…maybe even tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “#3 loaded but not much progress today

  1. ugh! frogging…the bane of our existence!Hope tomorrow is better. Did you take that frog photo??? It is incredible! I can see a sequel to my frog quilt in that photo!


  2. Hope tomorrow is better and the tension issues do not occur. I wondered if your frog picture was something Deb was going to make! He sure is bright and cheerful. Go for it, Deb!


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