# 3 of 10

After my tension issue yesterday, I frogged (ripped out) the bad stitches and then didn’t come back to this until today. Now it’s done! The top was pieced by Marianne, a HeartStrings quilter, for Alycia’s QOV Project, quilted with my Swirls template, and it’s the 3rd of 10 tops on my list to be quilted this month.

I got a call from the lighting place that my order is already in – that was fast since I just placed it yesterday and they told me it would probably be 2-3 weeks. Now I have to line up an electrician to install it and then I will be able to see my quilting! (I hope).

14 thoughts on “# 3 of 10

  1. The quilt looks great…swirls are perfect for that one.I know you’ll be glad to get your lighting in…hopefully it won’t take too long for the electrician to get there.


  2. Hi Mary,I love the swirl quilting pattern. It’s one of my favorites. Looks great on Marianne’s quilt – which is a wonderful pieced top too. Together you all will make a great quilt for a service man/woman.Sheree


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