Is your heat on yet?

Although you may not see it clearly, this evergreen bush outside my studio window highlights our transition from fall to winter. I see the fallen leaves and frozen drops of rain.

I think we’re going to be lucky with our heating costs this year – we’ve been having some snow flurries (and rain) today and the temp is 35 but inside the house, it’s 69. We tend to keep our thermostat really low since we’re in and out and I dress in layers. I did go ahead and turn the heat on although I set the thermostat at 60 for now.

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  1. I love this picture! I can see the little frozen drops of rain.We heat with a gas fireplace, so I am very glad that the price is dropping, just pray that it continues. It has been on for a couple of weeks now. I keep my thermostat on 69 too. Our home is actually very easy to heat.

  2. Nope, Weenie Lori here, the heat has been on for quite a while, and I can’t live without my electric blanket. Although I don’t set it much over 70. Can I say it’s my age Mary? I think I AM older than you!!

  3. Yes, my heat has been on for over a month, as it has been cold here in Wyoming. The flannel sheets and down blanket are on the bed, too.

  4. Oh, I love flannel sheets … but you can’t wear a flannel nightgown and sleep on flannel sheets … it’s the “velcro effect” … you can’t turn because the flannels stick together! LOL Our heat has been on and off … we get a cold spell and then it gets up to 70 (like today) … located in Pittsburgh, PA … very odd weather but from what I can see we’re at an end of the Indian Summer we’ve been enjoying.Flatlander (Linda)

  5. OOOH YUK! And I was whining last week when it was 60!!! Fortunately we’re back to 80. I look forwrd to this 6 month period when we can have the AC off…but still be comfortable (without heat)

  6. Yup, heat is on for about 10 days. We have tubes in our cement that fluid runs thru. There is something about warm feet that makes a person feel warm allover. I have the thermostat set on 67 so that is the air temp at 4 feet off the floor….but temp at the floor is about 80. Feels great in the morning stepping onto that warm floor. I certainly don’t look forward to the next few months of electric bills.Karen L

  7. My heat has been off and on too. We just finished a week of 70s, but not long before that we woke up to 32-degree mornings. I pretty much keep it on 60 during the night, turn it up in the morning while I shower, and then off during the day.

  8. Mary—our heat is on all year long. We live on the N. CA coast where the Arctic currents come (Eureka, CA). We have the lowest high temperatures in the USA–even Alaska is warmer in the summer. It stays pretty much between 55 and 65 degrees year round. Oh, we have 75-78 degree days in the summer but not all summer long! Rarely gets very cold either. Just bought our tickets to Minn. for Christmas…daughter and her family (GRANDBABIES!!!!) live in Savage.

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