I wasn’t going to bore you

Really, I wasn’t going to bore you with a blow by blow account of my learning experiences with Photoshop Elements but I thought this technique was appropriate for a quilting blog and some of you might be interested.

I’d seen stitch elements in some of the digital scrapbook pages and wanted to learn how to do it so I did a google search and came up with this brief explanation…. my stitch length is probably too short. By the way, I only created the one line of stitches and then I cut and pasted it into the other spots.

I’d also seen some pages using a photograph as a background and thought I’d try that – can you tell the background photo is right after his surgery? and the insert is now?

I realize that making scrapbook pages for a DOG is rather pathetic but he’s a cuter subject than Keith or I and I’m creating the pages to learn techniques…not necessarily because I feel the need to document the dog’s life (it’s just a coincidence that the stitching tutorial also used a doggie photo).

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  1. Hi Mary, it’s not pathetic at all to make pages for your sweet little dog! We all love to see pictures of Chesty on your blog — he’s so adorable! You are doing very well with your photo editing and scrapbooking. Thanks for showing us your progress. Take care — Dianne in England

  2. Mary, I enjoy seeing what you've learned! While I was looking at the pictures the immediate thought in my mind was what another great thing for your kids (& someday grandkids) to remember you by.Love the track lighting… what a difference.

  3. I like the picture of Chesty on the quilt, and that the quilt matches the borders of the photo. And the stitch length is perfect. I like seeing pictures of Chesty! I love the change in his expression of the surgery pic, and back on his couch.

  4. I love seeing what you are doing – I really want to learn to do pages like that but I have to get the software first! I love seeing pics of Chesty too – its not pathetic at all!

  5. The tract lighting is wonderful. Hanging the quilt on the bar afterwards really shows the quilting up nicely.And I love to see photos of Chesty — not boring at all. You’re really learning a lot of neat stuff from Elements. I have that program and have never spent the time to learn it (‘course I have CorelDraw too and it’s way beyond my ken!).

  6. I love seeing new techniques.wouldnt matter if it was your dog,cat,bird. Heck I might want to try photos of my cat. please share links, I am starting creative writing. see ya soon and keep up the good work, Amy

  7. Only a non dog person would think this was pathetic. My dog has his own facebook page!. I love it . Chesty is precious. Marilyn in Nakusp

  8. I love seeing scrapbook pages of Chesty. I have a whole scrapbook of my dog too. They have such personalities that make scrapbooking so much fun. Keep it up and keep showing us your progress. Jennifer

  9. as i sit here stranded in the winter in mpls i wish i had brought my laptop so i could’ve played with eq and photoshop…ah, next time!GREAT job though! i love both of them!laurie

  10. I just love see your scrap book pages. I am going to upgrade my elements one of these days and take the class myself. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are doing so well with Photoshop. I love your stitches. I have been playing with the program for about a year and a half and have sooo much fun with it. Although another computer addiction is not something I need.

  12. Making scrapbook pages of Chesty is NOT pathetic. Sandra made me a scrapbook of Ben a couple of years ago for Christmas. It was one of my favourite gifts!

  13. These precious creatures warm our hearts so much. My dog just died last week, and the first thing I did was to scout around for some pictures of him. I couldn’t find too many, and envy your foresight to cherish each moment with lots of pics. Chesty is just such a sweet cuddly looking guy!

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