Veteran’s Day

Both my father and father-in-law were veterans and while I feel fortunate that my husband and sons have not HAD to serve in the military, I’m grateful for those that do.

This photo was taken in September when we visited my father-in-law’s burial site in Arlington National Cemetery. I’m commemorating today by working on a HeartStrings quilt that will go to a wounded soldier via Alycia‘s project.

For those of you interested in digital scrapbooking, there’s a free kit with papers and elements here : Veteran’s Day 2008

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  1. Mary,I am glad you are sharing your Photoshop experiences with us. I have some scrapbooking software, and it is great to see what kinds of things can be done.

  2. Love the pic Mary …Today I thanked my father for serving. he had not clue what i was thanking him for and I said .. well it is remembrance day / veteran’s day .. Thank you .. he didn’t quite know what to say .. Love it when I render him speechless 😀grace

  3. We owe “all” of our freedoms to these brave and wonderful people! A shame that we have only one day a year to honor them, they need and deserve much more!

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