Almost done

I spent most of the day cleaning and now I just have to put the clean dishes away and wipe the counters down one last time. The dishes I’ll do tonight and tomorrow after picking up a few groceries I’ll give the counters one last swipe.

I like having family visit but don’t like getting ready! This will be a very short visit from Keith’s sister. She’s arrives late tomorrow afternoon and leaves Sunday morning.

Next on the to do list (probably won’t get done until Sunday)

  • Load top #6 on the longarm
  • Bind the green Heartstrings quilt

Just 9 days and counting before we head to the Atlanta area to see the boys. I came across these photos yesterday when I was looking for the *cleaning* photos. They were taken about 9 years ago, the boys would have been 14 and 15. I haven’t seen them since July and damn, I miss them!

Chris & Adam 2000


  1. Arggg! Cleaning. Not fun. Your boys are happy looking guys. Too bad you don’t get to see them more. We have three out of four kids living an hours drive away. Great but the other one is in Australia so we don’t see her and her family much.

  2. I know what you mean about being anxious to see your boys. My son arrives in 10 days. I haven’t seen him since August 07. I have cleaning to keep me occupied in the meantime too… LOL. Hope you enjoy your visit.

  3. Ah, look at those smiles! So glad that you get to see them soon! Even though mine live close, life gets in the way and I will find myself longing for those years they lived at home. *sigh*

  4. I can relate to you missing your boys. Both DD’s live at studentdorms; youngest comes home every weekend, oldest once visits an afternoon every 5/6 weeks. I miss having them around every day. I know it’s good for them to start their own life, but the house is so quiet!I’ll have to get used to that but it takes time..

  5. Handsome ones, aren’t they? And Mary, you’re making tired with all this housework… can we stop now or do we have more to do before the year is out? 🙂 *karendianne.

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