#6 of 10

A HeartStrings top pieced by Barbara in FL and quilted today with Wonky Flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD makes the 6th of 10 tops quilted so far this month.

Just a comment on these clamps from Tomorrow’s Heirlooms. I like them a lot better than the clamps that came with my Gammill but they are fragile. I broke another one today – the plastic broke right where the velcro attaches. I first bought a set in May 2007 and both had broken within about 9 months. I replaced them in July 2008 and bought 2 sets at that time just in case I broke another one. At $20 a set they’re not all that expensive but I do wish they were sturdier.

I’ve got an errand to run and then hopefully, I’ll have time to get a binding sewn on before Keith gets home from work.

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  1. Love the quilting! I had to Google that Cherry sculpture as I’ve never been to Minneapolis and never have heard of the sculpture. It must look like a sprinkling of confectionery sugaron that cherry when it snows.

  2. Hi Mary, love the quilting. I am more of a hand quilter but I am learning to machine quilt on my little machine. I am having lots of fun making the string blocks. I am getting ready to mail off my first ones. It continues to snow today but it is light fluffy snow. My favorite!

  3. You never fail to inspire me to try something different.Am gonna do a string quilt soon.All your charity work is so inspiring, I have given one to the ambulance driver who lives down the street for their use.

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