My own personal Quiltathon

I’ve been feeling very, very tired and lazy the last few days and with Keith gone last week, my sleep patterns are completely messed up. I’ve been up all night and sleeping away most of the day but with my upcoming trip to GA and my need to get some actual work done – I’ve decided on a personal Quiltathon tonight.

I’ll stay up ALL night and the goal will be to NOT go to bed until tomorrow night. If I find I can’t manage staying up all day tomorrow – I’ll try for just a quick afternoon nap.

Keith has a business dinner tonight and I’ve already started working. I’ll share my progress with you through the night and into the day tomorrow. Wish me luck!

My first two projects were to piece and sew a binding on the green HeartStrings quilt – I’ll work on stitching it down while I watch America’s Next Top Model and Criminal Minds later tonight and I also got the backing fused and finished the edges of my postcard for our November exchange.

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