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In keeping with my attempt to capture the sights (and sounds) of Minneapolis, I snapped a couple shots last night of the snow plows. It can get noisy and it always seems like they start work in the middle of the night but since I wasn’t asleep it didn’t bother me.

Is there anything better on a very cold morning (-13 degrees) than sipping tea with breakfast and a good book right in a patch of sunlight? My kitchen gets great sun in the morning.
Speaking of tea – my mug of the day was this one I bought on my trip to Toronto.

Doesn’t Chesty look beautiful after his trip to the Beauty Parlor?

And finally, when I got home this evening I had a package waiting from Grace. I love Tim Horton’s and was upset when I found out that they had mugs and I hadn’t bought one on one of my two trips to Canada this year….and now I have one. Thanks Grace!

So now that I’ve bored you with my day – I have a question. How many of you blog about those little things from your life that you want to remember/document but that aren’t particularly interesting to other people?

For me it goes back to my blog being not just a way to interact with other quilters but it being a way to document the things in my life. And I actually sewed today too – Happy Blocks were cut out and pieced and I made and machine stitched a binding on a HeartStrings quilt.

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  1. Though I love having people visit and comment, I write the blog for myself. I wish I was as good at writing as often as you do! Nevertheless, I’m writing so I can remember so the answer is yes. I’m sure much of my jabber is nothing anyone else really cares about.Don’t you mean handsome – not beautiful? At least that’s what my kids and hubby would say – men aren’t beautiful! (Except for Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies IMHO LOL!)

  2. What a handsome boy! As for blogging, sometimes I find the things I think will be of little interest are the posts that get the most comments. If I had to blog only about my quilting, there would be MANY days with nothing to post.

  3. Chesty is very handsome. My blog is mostly a journal for me to see my progress on quilting with some life stuff in between. Anyone who actually reads my posts is icing on the cake! Stay warm!!!

  4. Chesty looks very handsome. I love to read your writings on your blog about anything. Keep up the good work. Diane in Alaska

  5. I started blogging to share about my quilts but I also find that I write for myself and thus my life things take up much of the space. And it is the “life things” that make the blogs I read most interesting: they make the bloggers real people to me.

  6. I also started blogging as a way of connecting with other quilters and documenting my quilting journey. My blogging has evolved, however, to be a little more like a diary, and I write about whatever is on my mind at that time.

  7. Mary,I began blogging to share some of my quilts that I have made and because I had been reading blogs for over a year. I kept being asked where my blog was, and though I was initially resistant,( the usual reasons time- what would I write about)After awhile I was persuaded to jump in and try it. My husband has a hockey blog so we have spent a number of evenings blogging together. When I get stuck and don’t know how to do something we figure it out together.I still struggle to decide what I want to write about- I am always glad when people comment, but like most bloggers, I write about the things that I know the most about- everyday life. In some ways its a diary..I am always interested to see what is happening in different parts of the world.You do lovely work and I often visit your blog even though I don’t comment very much.I think I will stop blogging if it ever feels like just another job I have to do.Chesty’s hairdo looks great-we probably should have taken Our Dusty dog for a bath or maybe it will get added on to my jobs to do.:D)Season’s greetings to you and yours,Anna

  8. Chesty is just so cute . . wish I could snuggle with him while he’s all fluffy! I suppose you know that I blog about things that interest no one but me . . probably 90% of the time. I agree and my blog is more of a way to document what is happening in my life but I’m happy to throw enough in there that a few people come back to read and interact with me there. For what it’s worth, I think you have plenty to keep others interested and I love hearing about your day to day activities.

  9. Hot tea with breakfast in front of the fireplace sounds good to me. Actually if I blogged about all the mundane things I’d like to, no one would read my blog — but I guess that’s okay too — I blog as you do — about the things of life, not just quilting.I love reading your blog — so don’t change!

  10. I love reading about regular life and day to day activities. It makes all of my cyber friends more “real”. As for my blog, I write for mostly for me. But, I do like to get comments and interact with others.

  11. Nice haircut, Chesty! I’ve used my blog to remember events where my memory fails me. I like having a record of things I did during the year even if it is just a sampling.

  12. I remember the plows in MN .. VERY well .. as for starting at nite, it’s because the lots are clear and ppl are out of the way 🙂 And that way they can make things safe for when ppl get moving .. Chesty looks quite adorable!! altho him and his staticky fur was just wayyy to cute!Glad I surprised you – enjoy 😀as for my blog, it helps to motivate me if i’m not quite wanting to do things .. it keeps me honest and moving some days .. but it is also a way to document things and shareenjoy the snow .. you can come get what we are getting .. againhugsgrace

  13. I started my Blog after much prodding by my DD#1. I don’t get comments on a lot that I post. I had fun teasing the kids while I was making their Christmas quits, taking small pictures of their quilts and letting them “see”. Their last Christmas gifts aren’t on the Blog, YET! I can’t wait to Blog after Christmas to show off what I made for the Grandkids. But alas.. I must wait. Did some of your snow come through the Computer? I have WAYYYY more than usual this year.

  14. I use my blog as a diary of sorts to give me a daily routine. I try to post something fabric related, even if it’s just a group of fabrics together, almost every day along with something I might be doing. I think we all post enough personal stuff to be a real person to the readers, along with the eye candy of fabric and quilts and nature. I must admit that blogs that are all words and no pictures don’t hold my interest.

  15. I absolutely blog about things in my life that I love, or find amusing, or just want to note in some way. I’m amazed at how many people actually do read it on a regular basis. I enjoy reading the extras in other blogs, too. Gives a glimpse of the quilter’s real life.

  16. I really enjoy blogging. I write about whatever I want to. When I first started I would just do quilting or quilt related items. Now, I do a little of everything. It is still hard for me to put things into words and publish what I’m thinking. Not because I don’t know what to say but because I am a private person and don’t know if I want the whole world to know me that well. Alot of my friends read my blog but don’t comment. When I see them they always ask me about this or that. Sometimes, it really embarrasses me but it also makes me feel good that they are interested enough about me to check on me. Two of my friends actually told me that they look at my blog every day to see what I’ve posted or if anything is new. (Now, I know my blog isn’t that interesting but they say that’s how they know what is going on with me and my life. Since they told me this, I have tried to blog more. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I enjoy your blog and read it all the time even though I do not comment…Hugs, Linda

  17. I read your blog all the time and seldom comment. I enjoy the day to day writing as much as the quilts. I think it’s a need to connect with people of similar interest. Merry Christmas.

  18. Chesty is such a handsome boy!!I didn’t start blogging until October as the result of an online class I’ve been doing. So my blog is partly for the class, partly quilting and partly life. A little bit of everything. Blogs are addicting—both writing and reading.Have a very Merry Christmas!

  19. I blog as a way of keeping my daughters updated. I have one in Houston, one in NC, and one in Philly. My sisters-in-law,nieces, and my kids’ friends also read it to see what’s up. For anyone who doesn’t know me, my blog is probably incredibly boring.Holly in south jersey

  20. Chesty is very beautiful. I just got my furbaby home from the groomers and she smells lovely. I also blog for myself and love to include little things from my past. I do enjoy when people comment.

  21. I just was introduced to Tim Horton’s yesterday! My friend’s family from New York sent her some and she made sure we knew that this was special coffee! I seem to blog about Japan for blog visitors, about my animals for my family and about memories for my kids. I guess quilting posts are for me so I know I’ve made some progress.

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