Trust me on this

If you’re going to set a project aside in the middle of piecing it for 6+ months, you need to put all the info you need to resume work with it.

I SO want to start another project, I need to be loading another top to quilt, but with JudyL as an example, I decided I needed to finish this top. Unfortunately, I didn’t mange to jot my cutting instructions down….

….and it’s only partially cut out…..
….and I had this project in 3 different bins….and it’s not a project I’m doing from a book BUT there is a chart in one of my HUNDREDS of books that will quickly tell me what size I need to cut my block and from there I can figure out the rest…..

…..only I can’t find the book anywhere….I have books in 5 different rooms …on shelves …in stacks on the floor….but finally after an hour I find the ONE I’m looking for….
….trust me, if you’re going to stop working on a project before you’re done piecing it…keep your book or instructions with the rest of your project!

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  1. I have gotten so when I buy fabric for a specific pattern or when working on a project, I make a copy of the pattern and keep with it. Even just a picture of the finished project and where to find the pattern-book, magazine or one of my notebooks full of patterns. That way if I don’t get back to it I have all the info. I know I should have shared this alot sooner for you. A day late and a dollar short!

  2. I lost a ruler and guess what? I had packed it with the project I was using it with! Like you, I have things spread out over my space 🙂 Glad you found your book you needed.

  3. Yikes! Been there, done that. 😛 In one case, it was a mystery quilt that produced 24 blocks. A couple years later I decide that I want it to be 25 blocks so I can set it 5×5… I ended up measuring all the pieces in a finished block, adding a quarter inch to the measurements to guess what I’d need. 😛I’m really hoping that by switching to project bins for all my quilting from here on will prevent me from scratching my head and wondering what in the world do I need to make it into a completed quilt?! 🙂

  4. Oh, I can feel your “pain” because I have done that TOO many times. Perhaps that’s why I have so many UFOs!! Karen made a good point about making a copy of the pattern and just keeping it with the unfinished project so you don’t have to search. I, too, have WAY too many books/patterns/magazines and part of my 2009 “resolution” list was to get that under control. I’ll NEVER make all those quilts … I’m focusing this year on simplification and that would be a great place to start! It’s a nice looking quilt, Mary … please share it with us when you get it completed! Keep warm!! We’re freezing here in Pittsburgh!!Flatlander (Linda)

  5. i’m so glad you found it! I started to put all the fabrics, instructions etc in a gallon size ziplock bag when i squirrel stuff away .. i don’t do that b/c I’m awesome ..i do it in self defense b/c of the cats and family that just loves to grab scrap pieces of paper, write on them and wander off with them .. so in self defense – it gets packedso glad you found it!!!hugsg

  6. Yep guilty, and admitting to doing it :-/! I have finally realized that my memory just refuses to hold the UFO and WIP knowledge that I am imposing on it, SOOOOOOO knowing this I am NOW finally trying to organize and put things together that belong together… patterns, fabrics and partially finished blocks ~ UGH GUILTY! Is there a name for people like me, I am lowering my head in shame?

  7. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!! If your books and magazines are anything like MINE…it might be faster to measure the pieces in the already finished blocks so you can re-start without hours of searching. On the up side….it looks real good so far!! Lori in VA

  8. I think you hit on something that everyone struggles with at times! Myself included, although I now do like some of the others, pack my book or instructions and ALL the fabric related to that project together in ONE bin. And when I finish the project, all the rest of the fabric can go back into the ‘general population’of stash–you ought to hear the hoots and hollers when that happens! LOL

  9. Been there, done that! I can so sympathize with you. I learned my lesson the hard way, too. You think you will remember the book you used, but no! Glad things worked out for you.

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