I’m tired

I’m going to stop for the night – I cut out a bunch of triangles and have been piecing Kaleidescope blocks.

They’re 10 inch finished so they may be larger than some people like but I’m having fun playing…except for the center of the block on the (R) I’m happy with these. I took it out twice and it’s still not matched up exactly right and since the fabric is fraying some…I’m not going to try again. Tomorrow I’m play some more with these blocks and then I absolutely have to take the design wall down and do some cleaning before the boys come to visit.

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  1. Your blocks are beautiful! I have been wanting to try a kaleidescope quilt for a long time. I even bought a special ruler to help with the process. I guess now I just need to make up my mind to do it!

  2. WOW! I got on here this morning and see you have 5 posts up…you busy thing you!!!Seriously, I have envy of your new toy and I now think I must get one. The log cabin quilt is gorgeous!!Have a great day over there!!dawn

  3. I realy love the colors of those blocks. Such a gorgeous blue.Chesty looks so fluffy and adorable-sweet photoCongrats on the Accuquilt!

  4. Mary:You may want to take a commission on the Go Quilt. You will do more for sales than regular ads! Love the Kaleidescope and the happy cats. Now I need to get going!

  5. Ooh, a kaleidoscope!! Can’t wait to see it, but I guess I’ll have to until your visitors have left 🙂 Hope you have a great time with your boys!!

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