Go Cutter

A couple people asked whether the Go Cutter comes with any dies. It comes with this one that has 3 different blocks — a 4 inch square, 2 inch square, and 2 inch finished half square triangles. I just placed fabric over the 4 inch block (4.5 with seam allowance) to cut my cat squares.

This evening I assembled the cat blocks and then started playing with the isosceles triangle die and a set of fat quarters. I made a mistake and didn’t order the size triangle I needed to turn these into Kaleidoscope blocks but I think I’ll just cut those by hand.

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5 thoughts on “Go Cutter

  1. I never heard of a Go Cutter before. Very interesting. I love the retro cat motif on that fabric. PS: I made you the Airplane folder. Come see it. I’ll just mail it when I cross the border next week. I’ll need your mailing address. Thanks for the motivation to try a neat little pattern. It’s definitely one that I’ll use again.


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