2 more days

The boys on our wedding day with my Mom. Just in case you hadn’t done the math – the boys were 4 & 5 when Keith and I got married. Lucky Keith, twenty years ago he got all 3 of us.

Aren’t they CUTE?! Seriously I know everyone thinks their kids are cute but mine really were!

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14 thoughts on “2 more days

  1. Mary,The countdown is on … and yes your boys are CUTE.It seems as if you blink your eyes and they are growndoesn’t it ? Enjoy your time with them when theyarrive.Marilyn

  2. They are such handsome boys Mary. That picture is adorable-they look so full of enthusiasm they are about jumping off the picture. You must be thrilled that they are coming for a stay.Glad you’re enjoying the Accuquilt. It’s fun to watch your progress.

  3. So glad you’re getting a visit with both of them at the same time. As our kids get older it seems harder to get everyone together often. Your boys are cute and they took after their mother!

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