Postcard fun

I’d intended to sew some when we got home from dinner last night but after watching TV for a while, and then catching up on the computer I was tired – Keith had gone to bed hours earlier but I knew I wouldn’t sleep….so what did I do? Decided I should pull out those selvages I’d been saving and make some postcards. It was fun and I could have made more but I’m tired and I’m going to head to bed.

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  1. oh my, oh my, oh my!!! Waaay more than cute, cute, cute!!!I have been saving selvages for some time in the hopes of making a picnic quilt *someday*. Recently I decided not to do a whole big quilt and have decided to make smaller items: purses, ckbk and pocket calendar covers and etc. POSTCARDS!! I didn’t even think about postcards!!CUTE CUTE CUTE!Pam@

  2. mary those are darling! i save selveges to use selectively on library blocks as title bars for book spines and thought i was the only one who thought they were useful. you’ve opened up a whole new door for me!

  3. What a cute Idea! I’ve made some postcards with clothing labels, but now you have me cutting off all my selvages! Thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW those are just wayyy to cute! I’ve been reading more and more how ppl are using selvages – even for whole quilts (!)great job there Mary!!

  5. Mary: What a neat idea! You should make a quilt out of those selveges!I really enjoy your blog when I’m able to take some time for myself!Thanks!

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