#3 of 10 quilted

This top was constructed by two male students in a clothing class — it’s not the most precisely constructed quilt and had some challenges but I just love that they chose to make a HeartStrings quilt for their project. It will bring color and warmth into someone’s life when it’s finished and donated.

I quilted freeform Baptist Fans (NO pantograph, template, or marking — all freehand); these are really fun and with their random and uneven arcs really suit a string quilt like this.

17 thoughts on “#3 of 10 quilted

  1. My Favorite thing on your blog– showing how you quilted a quilt. Great story on this one, too. It’s wonderful that those young men did a quilt for Heartstrings.Now– freeform ? Baptist Fans? Is it a panto?


  2. I’m wondering what you mean by “not the most pecisely constructed quilt”….in what way.I’m new to making these quilts,any quilts really! but hadn’t thought there was anything precise about them, which I liked.Is there something I’m missing?


  3. Hi Mary,I am bowing to my computer. You just have to be the BEST quilter EVER.Freehand Baptist Fans. WOW. I must have a go at these. I see how you did them, thanks for that.But..Freehand.BOWING BOWING BOWING. jan in uk


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