Coffee or tea?

The highlight of my day was getting my replacement brewer in — ours died a few days ago and I’ve been without my hot tea for too long. Keith loves coffee, I drink tea and we want it all different hours so the single K cup brewers work great for us.

I’m in a slump…not much progress going on but I’m going to try and get another top done tonight since my body still seems to be on the *night* shift. I think I’ll carry a cup of tea down with me!

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  1. My son-in-law wanted one for Christmas. I got it at Costco for him. I had a rewards check from them and got me one a couple weeks ago. I am IN LOVE!!! Perfect as DH doesn’t drink hot tea or coffee. Does drink hot cocoa. I love all three. I have a large mug…I do a large mug setting for the extra bold coffee in it and then do a small cup of cocoa in the same large mug. Talk about GOOD! Squirt some Readi Whip on top and HEAVEN!!!

  2. I’ve debated buying one of these but hate the cost per pod for the coffee… but also am over the inferior coffee of my $20 Mr. Coffee and hate to shell out the several hundred for a truly deluxe coffee maker…

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