Buying the small die cut machine after seeing it on Deb’s blog was impulsive and I admit I wondered if I would regret spending the money but I’m having fun now so no regrets. The photo will enlarge if you click on it.

Between the GO Cutter, the new sewing machine and this little one, I think I’ve stimulated the economy enough – it’s your turn now – I’ve done my part!

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14 thoughts on “Impulsive?

  1. Mary, Thanks for doing your part to stimulate the economy! We understand what a sacrifice it is for you to have all those fun, new machines around!! 🙂 (said sarcastically, of course)


  2. I bought a new sewing machine recently, am buying my daughter a camera for her upcoming birthday and am dreaming of a laptop to call my very own…. looks like I’m going to have a few sales this month so I may just go ahead and make that dream a reality… we’ll see!


  3. Mary, those are the cutest applique postcards! I keep waiting and hoping that AccuQuilt comes out with some really neat applique dies soon so I don’t have to buy the Sizzix. I actually picked up the Big Kick box at JoAnn’s the other day and was going to use my 40% coupon on it. But, I didn’t do it! Now that I see your cut applique flowers and I visited the Sizzix site you linked….ooooh—ooooh! I don’t know—-hummmmm! Implusive is my middle name when it comes to stuff for the sewing room! :o)


  4. Great cards. You are driving me to stimulate the economy more. I have the Accucut studio cutter, but these dies are much more reasonable for applique shapes. I think I could buy the cutter and several dies for the price of one one of the studio dies. Did you see how I justified the purchase? I am a gadget girl. I just can’t help myself.


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