#10 is done

It’s been months since I’ve quilted Wonky Feathers and I was a little shaky on this HeartStrings top pieced by Paulette but these feathers are very forgiving and I’m surprised at how nice the quilting looked when I was done.

If you haven’t checked out the Pajama Quilt DVD, you should – it’s one of my favorites. Clicking on the photos will enlarge them.

In addition to quilting I’ve been trimming quilts, working on a binding, and I started assembling the largest section of the Boxed Squares quilt. I have the bulk of the tasks I wanted to do before our trip done so I’m pleased.

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24 thoughts on “#10 is done

  1. I agree that the Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD is really worth the money. I keep watching it over and over and learning new things each time. If you are a new machine quilter, or even have a sit down machine and want to quilt your own quilts, you really need to get this DVD and book. And if you have troubles, Dawn is great at helping you out.Good job on the feathers Mary. I’m thinking of trying some more today myself. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Mary……that’s a great looking quilt…..I dont have that DVD, looks like I’ll have to put it on my wish list. It’s nice to see you keeping busy while Keith is away.Karen L


  3. Mary, you did such a wonderful job with the quilting! I LOVE the feathers and the backing looks fantastic. Thanks for your generous investment of time and talent on all the donation quilts!Paulette


  4. what pretty fabrics used – they even match your blog template 🙂 Also I love the angle at which you take the photos of the stirng quilts… makes them look like mitered boxes 😉 I’ve herad you mention that DVD many times, and just want to ask – is it mainly for longarmers or would a person quilting on their domestic machine find it helpful too?Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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