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Yes, another post on managing blog reading. I don’t seem to do a good job of keeping up anymore and I’m in awe of people like VickiW who seems to manage a large list of blogs AND actually comment on many of them.

Today I separated all 130 subscriptions into just 2 folders — daily and “whenever I have time” — well actually it’s called monthly but the goal is to read through some each day. Right now, I’m only 519 posts behind.

Google reader allows me to read newer or older posts first regardless of which blog posts them – this way I don’t get part of the way through the list and then never get around to blogs that aren’t in the top 1/3.

Now if I could just keep up with reading on my MQResources list and catch up on the online class I’m supposed to be taking….

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  1. I tried Google Reader and also tried “following” and don’t like either of them. I’m on dial-up and the updates take forever to load. I gave up on using those services and just list my favorite daily reads on my sidebar. Each day I can just check for new posts. I have a bookmarked list of blogs I like but don’t read as often.

  2. I use Google Reader too and really like it. Don’t have to waste time going to blogs that haven’t been updated. I feel for Julie with her dial up connection. I just didn’t read blogs before I had DSL….it was just too painfully slow.

  3. I only have 317 subscriptions but I have 14 folders in Google Reader. I have really broken out blogs per subject: scrapbooking, scrap quilts, daily reads, charity, shops & teachers. HTH.

  4. ahhh time, something we all need a bit more of!
    I break down my blog reading into time slots
    when I have my morning coffee , over lunch
    and during the day if I need a break, 15 min intervals
    otherwise I could be on the computer for ever!
    I try and comment on my favorite blogs a lot!
    some blogs I comment if something really interests me or every few posts…

  5. If I didn’t use Google Reader, I know that I would not read a lot of blogs. I usually check the list in the morning. Thankfully, not every blog is updated every day, so I can easily read the ones to which I have subscribed. I have favorites and usually skim the rest.

    Using Google Reader has trained me to be brief in my blog posts and to include a photo in all or most entries.

  6. I’m still with bloglines, but use the beta version .. and I have it only show me what blogs have been updated .. altho once in a while it decides that I’ve not ever read that blog before and I see 300 new posts and go :O!!! LOL ..

    **puts hand over heart … I swear to never go boggle eyed when I see I have 80+ new blog posts to read not after reading how far behind you are ..

    now list mail .. I’m prolly close to being that far behind 😀

    Hugs n have fun with Mary .. the posts aren’t going anywhere and life’s to short to sweat the small stuff



  7. I have to try Google Reader. I don’t know what that is. I get behind so much too. Actually I am always very impressed at how quickly you answer back on comments. I sometimes don’t get around to replying until a week as gone by! At that point the person is probably thinking. “Who is this lady? I don’t remember her!”

  8. I have a list of regular blogs that I visit. Of those, most are regular readers of my blog.
    When I had my giveaway this year, I only had people who had commented and visited me over the past year. I felt that if they put up with me, they should be rewarded.
    I then have some that I add, visit, comment and if they in return do visit me, then I also add them to my blog list.
    I also use google reader, otherwise it’s just too complicated.
    But remember Mary, you were one of the first people I visited, so you still inspire me…

  9. It’s a constant struggle to find enough time for relaxing reading about quilting! But ultimately I would rather be quilting than reading about it, so I really limit my blog surfing.

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