My friend Cecile sent me a box of novelty fabrics to play with – don’t these look fun? I have a big honking 6 inch tumbler die for my Go Cutter that I’ve been wanting to try and use to make an I Spy Quilt and these added to the ones I have will give me lots of variety. Thanks Cecile!

My day so far has been making bindings and backings and I got a couple more bindings machine stitched and ready to work on over the next few nights. I’m going to run out for some dinner (Keith is still gone and I don’t cook for one) and then may get a top loaded on the longarm tonight.

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  1. Mary, those will be fun! Cute fabrics.

    I agree with no cooking when hubby is out of town..happens here for 2 nights a year, if I am lucky.

    Glad to see you back with it. I have just finished bindings. Loading another quilt and need to start piecing more.

    I don’t comment often, but check and read your site daily. You are an inspiration to me!


  2. Mary, love your blog. You are the only other person I’ve read who uses the word “honking”. Isn’t it the best word ever.

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