OK, I couldn’t resist cutting some out but I won’t be able to sew any of these blocks together before I leave on Thursday for Nebraska.

In the next couple days I’ve got 3 more seams to get the large center section of Adam’s Boxed squares off the design wall so I can pack it up to take with me. I’ve got to load and start quilting a top I need to take with me to VA on May 6th, take Chesty for grooming, and get some laundry done.

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  1. Won’t that make a cute quilt? Your purchase of the Go Cutter inspired me so much that I purchased one at the recent MQX show in my area. I am patiently waiting for it to arrive. Apparently it is so popular that they sold out.

    So, thank you, Mary, for inspiring me!


  2. They are so cute…with their little corners already cut off!!! I’m weakening…I may hafta git me a die cutter…The only thing holding me back is having to purchase dies…I know myself lol I’ll “need” them all!!!

    Lori in VA

  3. Hi Mary,
    Thank you by the way for the comment left on my Blog I cant seem to answer by email so had to do it on the Blog. Now why is that?
    Love the tumbler cut outs, you are going to be busy, well when are you not? They reminded me I have a tumbler quilt or something similar somewhere. When room is sorted I may find it!!! Then again….. AND, you are off again, gracious me. lol Jan x

  4. Gosh, you sound busy! So jealous of those tumblers…are you making and I spy quilt out of them? Cici is looking like a rag right now…she would be so embarrassed in front of Chesty. tee hee

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