Baskets and bins

Since I’m taking my design wall with me to the HeartStrings Nebraska sew-in this weekend, I had to finish assembling the blocks on it. I still have 3 rows of blocks to piece and add to this 72 x 72 section but progress is being made and the design wall is packed up and ready to load into the car.

Baskets and bins – I’m overrun with them! Is anyone else? I bought more of the wire mesh bins I store my strings in yesterday to hold strips – I plan to start cutting a bunch of 2.5 inch strips using the GO cutter and needed somewhere to store them.

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  1. Oh yes. You’re not alone. And even though I bought two more at Walmart last week I found myself looking for more yesterday. Now the problem is, where to put them.

  2. I think I am the plastic bin queen. Just when I say no more, here I got and get more. I live that little white one you have. Where did you get that? That would be good for a few projects on hand.
    Have a fun trip.
    Diane in Alaska

  3. You have no idea Mary. I have as you know been sorting my sewing room out, the boxes and baskets I have given away. I have replaced with other things. Al will be revealed when it is finally sorted. Nightmare. Once I have done it I am just not going to use it, then it will be tidy forever!!! hahahaha as if!!!! I just need a bigger room really that would be great.

  4. I’m always looking for the perfect plastic bin or container to put everything in. Just when I think I’ve got it, something else comes along that I like better. Still, it is a great feeling to empty one out because it means something is done or finished.

  5. I was thinking of buying a few more baskets and baskets when I was cleaning my studio this weekend. Instead I told myself I needed to finish a few projects to empty what I have instead of buying more to fill up!

  6. I have been using baskets, boxes, and the plastic holders I get food in at the grocery. What I would like is a more standard storage idea just so it would look neater. But that would still mean that I need to finish what I start. Pooh!

  7. I was amazed during the last move how many half filled baskets and boxes I had in my sewing room…consolidation (and some controlled buying) took care of having to get more.

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